CrossFit Group Classes

Personal Training
For more one-on-one attention, or not quite ready for Group Classes, Personal Training is a great way to work with a coach to work on achieving your individual goals and/or gear you up to join Group Class. Contact us for Rates. 

Skill Sessions
30 Minute and 60 Minute Private Skill Sessions. You pick the movement and we'll customize a game plan for you to work towards achieving that movement. 

What the sessions entail:

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  • Evaluation of Athlete's current ability in that movement.

  • Use of Coaches Eye to video movement during the sessions to evaluate on the spot and seek to correct any errors.

  • "Homework" - provided by the Coach for the Athlete to practice on their own to help progress the Athlete to achieving that goal

Any movement is fair game: Olympic Lifts, Handstand Push Ups, Pull Ups of any kind, Muscle Ups, Double Unders, Toes to Bar, etc. You name it, we can help get you there. Just email us at and let's get started. 

Skill Sessions are billed at $30 for 30 Minute Sessions and $50 for 60 Minute Sessions and can be added to your account.

Nutrition Coaching
Putting in the hours at the gym but not getting the results you're hoping for? There's another place to look - your nutrition. Work one-on-one with one of our Coaches to find a balance with your nutrition and start getting the results you want. 

Nutrition Coaching is currently structured as a 6-month program (at minimum). Everyone comes from different backgrounds and histories with food, dieting, weight loss and/or weight gain. We feel that 6 months is ideal for habit building, education and getting and sustaining results. The most important aspects of the program are consistency and honesty on your behalf and accountability, support and guidance along the way on our part.

Nutrition Coaching is billed at $100 a month and can be added to your account (or an account created). You do not have to be a member at CrossFit 1808 to become a client. This service is available to anyone who is ready to commit to making change.

Feeling like you can't make progress with stretching, foam rolling, etc.? Check out for more information. Matt Kelling, DPT, is located right next door to CrossFit 1808. Matt has developed a program to target your restricted areas and will give you a solution to get you moving better, feeling better and staying healthy. 


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