Your top 3 for Drop it for Diamonds in partnership with Dean's Jewelry are……..

1st Place: Dusty Jenkins – 714pts (18.6lbs lost, 5.7% body fat lost, 2" waist difference)


2nd Place: Aaron Alfrey – 616pts - (17.4lbs down, 3.6% body fat lost, 3 3/4" waist difference)


3rd Place: Nikki Alfrey – 614pts (4.4lbs down, 2.5% body fat lost, 1 3/4" waist difference)


On April 23 we began a 6-week challenge at 1808. During the challenge points were earned for attending class each day (or performing a workout outside of the gym if you couldn’t make it to class), Sunday Shred workouts and performing daily habits. The daily habits stayed the same for one week then a new habit was introduced the following week.

While the overall goal was weight loss, body fat loss and shedding inches off the waist, it was more important to focus on consistency in the gym, staying on top of the daily habits and just grinding. Six weeks is a very short time (and more often than not, unrealistic in terms of making a major life change) but still a great way to get things going in the right direction.

In the end, 21 people went from start to finish with beginning and ending measurements. Of these 21 people, here were the results:

Weight Lost: 101.6lbs (Avg. 4.8lbs per person)
Body Fat Lost: 47.5% (Avg. 2.26% per person)
Inches Lost: 28” (Avg. 1.3” per person)

Overall very good numbers in terms of healthy weight loss in just 6 weeks! On top of class attendance, daily habits and Sunday shred workouts, additional points were awarded to those members for the following:

Most weight lost: Dusty Jenkins - 18.6lbs

Most body fat lost: Dusty Jenkins – 5.7%

Most inches lost on waist: Aaron Alfrey – 3 ¾”

Most CrossFit Classes Attended: Nikki Alfrey – 33

Before and After Pics: – Aaron Alfrey

The before and after pics (for those that submitted them) were amazing! It was very hard to choose amongst them. Each were significant in differences, and in just 6 weeks!

Some final thoughts and take aways from these last 6 weeks:

  • There’s no lack of hard work from our members
  • Consistency with Nutrition is the most important thing! (cover the basics first which will help to properly fuel your body)
  • Consistency in the gym (or physical exercise overall) is right behind nutrition
  • Setting specific goals is NECESSARY to keep you moving in the right direction
  • Have patience - things don't happen overnight 

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated and worked their asses off. Keep up that hard work and you will start to reap the benefits.

Looking forward to the next challenge (1808 Holiday Challenge – where the stakes will be high)

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