Vinnie Fiorilli - Captain
Josh Kirby - Captain (DL)
Ben Durbin
Matt Kelling
Jack Kane
Riley Hughes
Casey Sloan
Al Marlow
Brock Evans
Gage Barone
Ryan Scott
Ron Francis
Nate Woodford
Andrew Hedrick
Zach Mullins
Katie Wilson
Carol Buckley
Emily Nussbaum
Nicole Hamo
Katrina Conley
Kerra Clindinst
Ashley Fowler
Natalee Johnson
Hannah Kelling
Jen Hall
Morgan Korinek
Emi Ward
Karen Knepp
Fannie Mast
Cathy Riel
Paula Rudrick
Jessica Wolfe
Sarah Eggert
Megan Pentz
Wendi Fowler
Becky Mullins
Amy Boyd


Nick Fiorilli - Captain
Trey Vaughan - Captain
Chip Wilson
Chris Kirkhope
John Hamo
Matias Malkamaki
Jay Ruffner
Adam Daniels
Jason Frazer
Rob Bessinger
John Hofferberth
Andrew Kohler
Bryan Treen
Josh Wickline
Alex Mullins
Bree McFadden
Erica Taylor
Lauren Woolson-Rudrick
Patty Workman
Chesli Burns
Megan Durbin
Kristen Osborn
Kristin Ronai
Gianna Munske
Vanessa Salazar
Lydia Hockenberry
Lauren Martin
Maribeth Waers
Karen Meade
Mackenzie Scott
Nikki Alfrey
Hanna Ford
Katie Fiorilli
Annie Niepling
Ami Wickline
Jessica McCombs
Katie Booth


1) Open Workouts will be done anytime Thursday night through Monday evening and scores MUST BE SUBMITTED before 8pm Monday evening.  Once the workout is announced, a heat schedule will be created and posted on this site and the Club Facebook Page to sign up. 
2) If you cannot make Friday Night Lights, there will be opportunities to complete the workout Saturday mornings (by setting this up with a coach) and between 1-4pm on Sundays.
3) If you are out of town during this time, find a CrossFit box wherever you are and contact them to ask about doing the workout there. 
4) The workout MUST BE JUDGED by a Coach or a judge approved by the Coaches.
5) Movement standards will be strictly enforced - we preach this everyday, so it should be no different, i.e., squat depth, lock out overhead, etc.
6) Your score sheet must be turned into a coach.
7) Submit your score at or through the CrossFit Games Open App.
8) Shit talking is permitted and encouraged - but remember this is all for fun.
9) Have fun with this!

1 point will be awarded to each Athlete that completes the Open Workout for that Week AND Submits Their Score. So you help your team just by doing the workout and submitting your official score.

Additional points will be awarded to the Top 3 Rx and Scaled Males and Females (Team Captains are not eligible for these rankings)
1st = 7pts
2nd = 5pts
3rd = 3pts

Spirit Award: 5pts
*Awarded to an individual each week. This award will factor in things like attendance at FNLs and cheering people on. Volunteering to help out (i.e., set up of and tear down of equipment, volunteering to judge, etc.). Social media posts on your personal facebook and instagram accounts (not Club 1808). This includes showing up to cheer people on (whether they're on your team or not). Use the hashtag #1808InTheOpen and you can also hashtag your team name to make these posts easier to find.

Failure to complete the workout hurts your team because your team will LOSE the points they would've gotten just to do the workout.

*Remember your score must be submitted on the CrossFit Games website or APP by 8PM Eastern Time each Monday. You can use your smart phone to do this.