The Official Page for CrossFit 1808's Open Series 2019


The CrossFit Open is a five week long event. A new workout is announced each week (on the above dates) at 8PM Eastern Time. Once announced, you will have until the following Monday at 8PM Eastern Time to complete the workout and submit your official score. Once submitted, you will then be able to see where you rank on the worldwide leaderboard and see how you stack up against the competition. 

Two years ago we decided to approach the CrossFit Open with a little more on the line - a little intra-gym competition where each coach drafted a team of athletes to compete against each other for bragging rights.

All in fun really, but it was a blast. Sixty athletes (of all ages and abilities) signed up to participate. Last year, the competition stakes were raised with 70+ athletes signing up. You do have to actually sign up at Games.CrossFit.Com and choose CrossFit 1808 as your box. This year will be no different. It can be a long 5 weeks, but it's fun to get together for these workouts and throw down. 

Beginning Thursday night, February 21 at 8PM we will watch the live announcement of 19.1 at the gym. Then four of our athletes will represent their respective teams and throw down head to head after that. 

Clear your Thursday nights and get your ass to the gym. Cheer on your team and let's kick this thing off with a bang. This is an exciting time in CrossFit. People all over the world will take part in the Open. Doing the same workout and logging it on the leaderboard to see where you match up. It's exciting, nerve wracking, fun and humbling all at the same time.

Nevertheless, it’s a time to learn a lot about yourself. A time to finally get that first pull up. A time to go to that dark place you didn't know existed. A time to cheer on your fellow friends as they tackle these tough workouts. A time to sweat together. A time to push each other. A time to see the greatness in this community. And ultimately, a time to Prove. Your. Fitness!

As far as the rest of you completing the Open workouts, EACH FRIDAY we will have FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS:

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Class on Fridays during the Open will be normal at 5am, 6am and 9am. The Open workout for that week will be programmed this day, so if you can not make it for Friday Night Lights, regular class is still a great option to get it done. There WILL NOT be a 4:30pm or 5:30pm Class. Rather, we'll look to begin the Open workout at 4:30pm with heat times scheduled (Heats TBD based on what workout is). Do your best to make FRIDAYS your day to get this workout done!

Saturdays you will have the option to do the Open workout as well. However, we there will be a regularly scheduled workout programmed. In other words, Saturdays will be normal. Those looking to complete the Open workout will do so in the back area of the gym near the Green Rig. Making sure you have a judge too!

Sundays during the Open we will have the gym open from 1-4pm where you can come in to do the Open workout and/or redo it if you didn't like your first score.

Mondays will be for anyone who absolutely COULD NOT do the Open workout any of the previous 4 days. In this case, make sure you contact your team captain to let them know this. You can also redo the workout on Mondays if you'd like, however, you will be responsible for finding someone to judge for you and setting up the workout yourself AND NOT interfere with regular classes.

All workouts must be judged by one of the coaches (or someone the coaches have assigned to you) in order for your workout to be validated. 

Once the workout has been completed, you must then submit your official score on the CrossFit Games website (they also have an App too that we recommend downloading for ease of submitting scores).